ELL112 : Sounds of English

Convenor(s): Dr Gareth Walker


Please note: This module may or may not run in any individual session. Please check with the course Convenor.

General Information

This module is an introduction to the subdisciplines of Linguistics known as Phonetics and Phonology, focusing specifically on the sounds of the English language. It is designed to provide a solid understanding of how speech sounds are made and how they function in use. The lectures will present descriptions of English speech sounds and theories to explain their behaviour in a range of different accents and contexts, and the workshop classes will provide hands-on experience in analysing the sounds of English. The module serves as an essential basis for more advanced linguistic study.


There will be one lecture each week and smaller workshops. Between classes you will follow up on what you have looked at in class with further reading and exercises.


In the last week of the semester you will all take a practical transcription test, based on what you have learned in the course of the module, and this provides 25% of the overall mark for the module. After Christmas you will take a formal exam to demonstrate that you have understood the world of English speech sounds. This will involve a series of short answers and will provide 75% of the total mark for this module.

Contact Details

Dr Gareth Walker, 0114 222 0238


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