LIT272 : Good Book: Intertextual Approaches to Literature and the Bible

Convener(s): Nicky Hallett


General Information

Literature, film and television constantly return to the Bible as a source of narrative, character and image. Biblical texts are translated, rewritten, transposed and radically challenged by literature from the medieval period to the present day and so intertextual readings of the Bible and literature provide insight into the ways authors engage with politics, philosophy, and tradition. Our module explores a range of intertextual relationships, from medieval dream poetry through to contemporary writing and cultural representation, including a range of genres and approaches. We will analyse film, TV and visual media as well as literary forms, to explore the ways in which creative writers interpret and re-imagine biblical narratives and tropes.


 It will be delivered by one lecture and one seminar per week. Lectures and Seminars


Students will be assessed by group ‘public’ presentation worth 20% (with invitations extended to their Level cohort and to academic staff), and by an individual portfolio of 2,500 words or equivalent – for example, possibly to include film clips or other media, as well as literary analysis.

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