LIT225 : The Romantic Child

Convenor(s): Dr Angela Keane


Please note: This module may or may not run in any individual session. Please check with the course Convenor.

General Information

Childhood was invented in the eighteenth century. 'The Romantic Child' looks at some of the texts that initiated and reflected this  invention, including key works of educational thory by Locke and Rousseau. In the late eighteenth century 'the child' took on a particular resonance for writers and artists as they explored ideas of revolution, evolution and human psychology: the Romantic child was born The rise of women as children's writers and educators had a further impact on the way in whiCh children were represented. The course will look at writing by such women alongside poets and novelists who brought ideas of Romantic childhood to adults.


You will have one seminar per week where you will have an opportunity to discuss your ideas and raise questions about the texts. In the first half of the module the second hour will be taken up by an informal lecture that will introduce you to a topic or a text. In the second half of the module this hour will be dedicated to group presentations, which make up part of the assessment method for the module (see below).


Assessment One: Students will work in small groups to prepare and deliver a 15 minute presentation on one of the key texts on the module. This constitutes 40% of the overall mark

Assessment Two: This comprises an essay (max 2500 words) will which allow you to explore in some detail two texts from the module

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