ELL364 : Constructed Languages

Convener(s): Dr. Robyn Orfitelli


General Information

This module builds on theories learned in Level 1 and 2 ELL and Language and Literature modules, applying them to the constructed languages (‘conlangs’) created specifically for books, television, and film. Topics covered will include the grammatical patterns underlying the sound and structural systems of conlangs, the similarities and differences between conlangs and ‘natural’ human languages, the representation of historical change in conlangs, and the textual use and representation of conlangs in literature.


One weekly lecture introduces students to new concepts and data related to course content
A weekly seminar provides a chance for students to practically apply course concepts in small groups
Independent study will involve preparation for lecture and seminar, as well as completion of the 2 course essays


The two essays the students will undertake will require students to not only apply course concepts, but will encourage deeper individual engagement with, and extension of, those concepts.
By requiring students to choose essay topics from two different areas of course material, they will broaden their study of Language/Linguistic theory beyond a single area. This promotes an understanding of the interfaces between different areas of study

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Please note: This module may or may not run in any individual session. Please check with the course convener.


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