ELL362 : World Englishes

Convener(s): Dr Gabriel Ozon


General Information

The module gives an introduction to the historical and social development of the English language, leading on to consideration of global spread of English in different parts of the world, including postcolonial contexts and the development of ‘new’ Englishes and creoles. The module provides an analysis of linguistic features (phonology, grammar and lexis) of several varieties of Englishes, and leads on to critically examine issues such as multilingualism, language contact and change, language planning/policy, attitudes towards variation; and globalisation and identity in the classroom. Throughout the module, students are encouraged to draw on their own experiences of linguistic diversity.


The input elements of the teaching sessions will deliver key information for discussion and contemplation. The practical task and discussion elements will afford the students the opportunity to apply and assess the educational implications of different approaches to the issues of language (variation) in multilingual settings. The module engages students in extensive reading and interaction with data and resources outside of class. Thus, these weekly sessions are best seen as important starting points for study; they should give students information to reflect upon further both in class and in their own independent study. They also provide an introduction to state-of-the-art tools and resources for the study of World Englishes


The assessment (particularly the two data analysis exercises) is designed to help students deal with the cumulative and practical nature of the course content. The final essay/project  allows students to choose from a range of topics covered during the course, and to provide a critical discussion of a salient issue in World Englishes, supporting their arguments with academic sources and empirical evidence

2 x 1,000-word data analysis exercises (each 25%)

1 x 2,000 word essay (50%)

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