ELL232 : Phonology

Convener(s): Dr Ranjan Sen


General Information

This module builds upon Level 1 Sounds of English, focusing upon Phonology, one of the key aspects of language processing. The module aims to examine phonological theories and the data on which they are constructed, exploring phonological organisation and processes in different languages. We investigate the many possibilities once we acknowledge that languages are not just made up of any old sounds in any old order, but have structured phonological systems, e.g. phonemes and allophones, phonological features and rules, syllables and words. Segmental and prosodic (e.g. syllable-based) phenomena will be analysed, using rule- and constraint-based frameworks. You will practise important problem-solving skills, through logical, methodical analysis and argument. Finally, as well as being a core part of theoretical linguistics, an understanding of phonology is essential to the studies of historical linguistics, sociolinguistics, psycholinguistics, speech pathologies, language acquisition, and computerised speech synthesis and recognition technologies.



There will be three assessed components as below (details of each may change), all analysing language data using the theories, concepts and techniques discussed and practised in class. You are allowed to discuss the assessments with your peers, but the submitted work must be written individually.

Please note: due to the nature of the tasks, the convener will not answer questions directly related to the substance of the assessments, as if you were sitting an exam. However, you will benefit from a guidance session in class on each assessment.

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Please note: This module may or may not run in any individual session. Please check with the course convener.


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