EGH312 : Theatre Practice: Research Project- Texts

Convener(s): Dr Steve Nicholson


General Information

This is a module which builds on some of your practice at levels one and two, particularly within the modules EGH115 and EGH221. Working in one group or in smaller groups, we shall engage practically in the process of rehearsing and performing a playtext which poses significant and particular challenges- or extracts from playtexts - within the context of a contemporary performance. Alongside the practical work, you will also engage with more theoretical questions about how best we should approach the process of turning a written script into a live performance. What is our responsibility? Do we aim to serve the text and the playwright or to invent? What what do we mean by a word such as 'interpret'? And who has the right to do it?


Much of the work will be studio-based and will require you to work practically on playtexts as creative and thinking performers. There may be opportunities to approach the work from the point of view of directors, designers and dramaturgs. There will also be seminars, and you will be expected to read widely and to engage in individual and group research. Where possible, we shall view live or recorded performances relevant to the focus of the module. You will be expected to document all aspects of your work, and to analyse it.


1. You will be assessed on your contribution to one or more performances of a play, or extracts from plays. Creative imagination, attention to the requirements of the text, and performance discipline will all be significant here, but so too will be the ability to express your learning. (60%). 2. A portfolio containing individual reflection on the practice, the reading and the research (40%).

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Dr Steve Nicholson

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