EGH221 : Performance in History

Convener(s): Dr Bill McDonnell


General Information

This is a studio-based module in which students will engage practically with one or more texts from a given period or genre. They will contribute as members of a group to explorations of the material from different perspectives, focusing primarily on its challenges and potential for staging today. Under staff supervision or direction, they will then work creatively to rehearse and perform all or sections of the text to an audience. Within this process, there may be opportunities to approach the material from within a variety of roles, including those of performers, designers, directors and dramaturgs. Alongside the practical work, students will also study the material from appropriate and specific theoretical and historical perspectives, which will both feed into and draw from the practical work.


Tutor-led practical workshops and seminars; individual and group research into specific areas and questions, including practice-based research; theatre visits, as appropriate. Rehearsal under staff supervision and/or direction.


There are two components to the assessment of this module a) A practical assessment of one or more group performances, based on the standard criteria used for practical work throughout the Theatre programme;this assessment will be worth 60% of the overall module grade and is a group mark; b A written assessment. This will be worth 40% of the overall module grade, and is an individual mark.

Contact Details

Dr Bill McDonnell

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Please note: This module may or may not run in any individual session. Please check with the course convener.


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