EGH205 : America in the 1960s

Convenor(s): Dr Duco van Oostrum


Please note: This module may or may not run in any given semester. Please check with the tutor.

General Information

This course involves students in the interdisciplinary study of American society and culture during the watershed decade of the 1960s. The major themes of the course are the decline of New Deal-style liberalism and the rise of a variety of dissident political and cultural movements. Particular topics include American involvement in the Vietnam War, the ‘second wave’ of American Feminism, the rise of 'Black Power,' and the emergence of the Beat movement.

These are examined through the study of a range of historical documents and literary texts, framed in a MOLE environment. The MOLE elements of this course consist of essential documentation and information and demand active participation in vital issues of the 1960s.


The teaching methods employed in this course – lectures, seminars, MOLE environment and individual tutorial contact – are designed to promote interdisciplinary study of America in the 1960s, facilitate in-depth evaluation of particular historical documents and cultural artefacts, and enhance both analytical and presentational skills.


The three assessment methods used  are intended both to consolidate and test students’ understanding and knowledge of the broad themes and particular episodes examined during the course.

1. 10% of the overall assessment will be derived from the MOLE exercises. You are required to post weekly 200 word responses on the Main Discussion Area of the course's MOLE site. Your tutors will tell you which aspect of each text they wish you to comment upon each week, or you may have free rein. An element of peer review between students is therefore encouraged. Your mark will be calculated in Week 12.

2. 40% course work essay, 1500 words

3. The remaining 50% of the course mark comes from a single 2,500 research word essay. Questions will be available on MOLE from mid-semester.

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