EGH101 : Introduction to the Reception and Analysis of Theatre Performance

Convener(s): Professor Steve Nicholson


General Information

What is the role of the theatre audience, assuming it has one, and how might that alter from performance to performance or genre to genre? Why do we have theatre critics, specialists? Do they matter? What role do they play in developing theatre, if any? We talk about 'reading' performances, but what does that mean? Is it always a subjective experience, or can we apply useful criteria to assess and evaluate what we see, to measure one performance against another? If so, what kinds of critical theory might help us engage more deeply with the complexity of the live performance? Given the ephemeral nature of theatre, how can we 'read' past performances, and what kinds of theatre history do different approaches to the past make possible? These are some of the questions we will address through watching contrasting examples of live theatrical performance, which we will discuss, analyse, and respond to in a variety of ways.


A series of seminars will focus on specific performances which you will be expected to have seen, and which will then be discussed and analysed.


You will be assessed on a single portfolio of written work, which will stand for 100% of your module mark.

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Professor Steve Nicholson

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