CEC320 : Dialect in literature and song

Convenor(s): Prof Joan Beal


Please note: This module may or may not run in any individual session. Please check with the course Convenor.

General Information

In this module we will explore the way in which non-standard varieties of English are represented in literature, film and song, and how the representation of these varieties has changed over time. We will explore a range of texts and films, investigating both how dialects are represented, and why writers, filmmakers, and singers choose to use these dialects in these ways. We will consider literary, linguistic and film studies approaches to theorising this subject, paying particular attention to the different ways that these disciplines approach the issues surrounding the representation of dialect. We will be focusing in particular on the way in which the Yorkshire dialect has been represented in literature, film and song over the last 200 years. We will be using the Sheffield Local Studies Library and Archives to research this topic.


There will be one lecture and one seminar per week throughout the semester. In addition we will be making use of the discussion boards in USpace to prepare for seminars and enable discussion and the exchange of ideas outside the classroom. There will also be trips to the Local Studies Library.


This module will be assessed by a group work portfolio of material found in the Local Studies Library, and a 2,500 word individual essay. The portfolio will be worth 40% of the final module work. You will then focus on an individual subject for study, which you will write up as a 2,500 word essay.

Contact Details

Prof Joan Beal, 0114 222 0196


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