LIT3023 : Crime and Transgression in Romantic Literature

Convener(s): Dr Angela Wright


Please note: This module may or may not run in any individual session. Please check with the course Convenor.

General Information

Crime and Transgression in Romantic Literature will introduce you to a range of literary texts from across the Romantic period that examine crime and transgression. Including poems, drama, novels and literary essays, the module will examine the Romantic period’s fascination with crime and transgression, and how it is portrayed across a range of genres. We will examine texts that explore murder, theft, ambition and sexual transgression, and then consider how these are portrayed through the period’s concerns with the theories of physiognomy, psychology and passion. We will also consider the ethics of the texts, and whether the deliberately anti-realist modes of some of them are more suited to the material that they explore. Indicative authors will include Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Matthew Lewis, John Keats, Percy Shelley, Mary Shelley, Jane Austen, Thomas De Quincey, Joanna Baillie, James Hogg and Lord Byron. 


The module will be run over 2 sessions, the first taking the form of an interactive mini lecture by the tutor; the second, taking the form of a seminar where you take the lead.


  1. A coursework folder, due towards the end of week 10 (date tbc). This is worth 40%, and should consist of three pieces of work on three different texts from the course. These should be close readings and interpretations of certain parts of texts which interest you, and you will present them initially in the first seminar on that text. These will facilitate discussion, and demonstrate your own individual approaches to a text. They shouldn’t be based on secondary reading.
  2. The essay (2500 words), worth 60% is in week 10 and due in January (date tbc), is the big research piece which you can do either on one or more texts. Secondary reading will be expected for this, and the essay should not duplicate work that you have put into your folder.

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may or may not run in any individual session. Please check with the course convener.


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