LIT264 : America in the 1960s

Convener(s): Dr Duco Van Oostrum


Please note: This module may or may not run in any given semester. Please check with the tutor.

General Information

This course involves students in the interdisciplinary study of American society and culture during the watershed decade of the 1960s. The major themes of the course are the rise of a variety of dissident political and cultural movements, analyzed through documents, films, music, and literature. Particular topics include Civil Rights, the ‘second wave’ of American Feminism, Environment and 60s, Bob Dylan, Kennedy, Counterculture, 1960s Film, the Space Race, and other topics. These are examined through the study of a range of historical documents and literary texts, and cinema, all framed in a MOLE online environment. The MOLE elements of this course consist of essential documentation and information and demand active participation in vital issues of the 1960s. The topics will depend on the expertise of available tutors. Multiple staff are involved in the delivery of the module, each sharing a part of their research expertise related to US culture in the 1960s. The flexibility of this module and the variety is one of its characteristic features. The 2013 edition of the module, for example, features Professor Simon Armitage with a lecture on Bob Dylan.


The teaching methods employed in this course – lectures, seminars, MOLE environment and individual tutorial contact – are designed to promote interdisciplinary study of America in the 1960s, facilitate in-depth evaluation of particular historical documents and cultural artefacts such as literature and film, and enhance both analytical and presentational skills. There will be one lecture and one seminar each week; there will also be screenings of films.


Assessment 1: 1,500 word essay: 40% Assessment 2: 2,500 word essay: 50%, research essay Assessment 3: Bulletin Board: 10%. Each week, students complete the exercise/question/discussion on the bulletin board. Upon completion, the students receive a 70% for the 10% of the module.

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Please note: This module may or may not run in any individual session. Please check with the course convener.


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