LIT238 : Christopher Marlowe: Violence, Politics and Desire

Convenor(s): Dr Gillian Woods


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General Information

In the public theatres of the 1590s Shakespeare had one major rival: Christopher Marlowe. His seven plays vary in quality, but their brilliant language, bold and restless imagination, and a penchant for transgression make them some of the most powerful and provocative plays in the English Renaissance. On this module we’ll read all of Marlowe’s plays alonside his poetry in order to get a more accurate sense of his career as one of the foremost poet-playwrights of the early modern period. In the process we'll consider the roles played by various institutions  and networks -- professional theatre , the university, the printing house and aristocratic patronage  -- in securing his eminent controversial contemporary reputation.


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1 x 1500-word essay (40%) and 1 x 2500-word essay (60%)


1 x 4000-word essay. If you select this option, you will need to submit an compulsory but unassessed essay plan plus bibliography before the end of term.

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