LIT219 : Creative Writing Poetry 2

Convenor(s): Dr Agnes Lehoczky


Please note: This module may or may not run in any given semester. Please check with the tutor.

General Information

We learn by example: creative writers are first and foremost creative and critical readers of their own work. This module explores poetic form and techniques for creating new poems through the critical study of published examples, imaginative exercises, discussion and feedback on students’ own writing. This exploration will help students to develop their own creative work while sharpening critical appreciation of published poetry. Subjects covered will include: voice, language and imagery; metrical and free verse; rhyme and verbal patterning; traditional and new forms.


The module will be taught by one weekly seminar / workshop of two hours. Time will be divided between analysing published poems and discussion / feedback on students’ own creative work. This is primarily a creative writing class, so students will be expected to produce a short poem, or a draft to work on each week. It is very important that students attend regularly so that the group becomes cohesive and students learn to trust each other’s ideas and critical judgements.


You will be required to submit two portfolios, the second to be accompanied by a critical self-commentary.  The work you submit in Week 6 will account for 35% of your final mark and the work you submit in Week 14 will account for 65%. 

Not everything you write this semester will be seen by your tutor, but every class exercise and homework assignment will feed into your work: they are all necessary stages so you will need to attend most meetings. 

portfolio 1, Week 6/7: a portfolio containing two elements

  1.   A collection of 3-5 poems arising from class exercises (up to 40 lines)
  2.   A writerly appraisal of a contemporary poem: (800-1000 words)

portfolio 2, Week 14: a portfolio containing two elements

  1. A collection of 6-10 poems arising from class exercises and discussions (at least one of these should be formal) which could be thematically linked...(up to 90 lines)
  2. A critical self commentary (1500 words)

Portfolio One: 35%

Portfolio Two: 65 %

Contact Details

Dr A. Lehoczky: 0114-222-8467

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