LIT213 : Magic Realist Fiction

Convenor(s): Michael Szollosy


Please note: This module may or may not run in any given semester. Please check with the tutor.

General Information

This course examines magic realist fiction from around the world, examining writers such as Gabriel García Márquez, Salman Rushdie, Angela Carter and Patrick Süskind. We will be looking at these texts in their cultural, literary, social and political contexts. We'll also be looking at a variety of literary theories, to enhance your appreciation of not only magic realist fiction but ideas on literature and culture more generally.


Teaching will be conducted through two seminar hours per week. Seminars will usually begin with discussions of a theoretical issue related to magic realist fiction in general, led by group presentations. We will then progress to a more in-depth discussion of a particular text and its socio-political and historical contexts. Some extra sessions may be arranged to offer screenings of relevant films. And WebCT will be used to encourage further discussion and make use of on-line learning facilities.


The first assessment, an essay of 1500 words, will count for 40% of the total mark and will give the students an opportunity to explore the concept of magic realism by focussing upon a critical strategy’s approach to the literature. The second assessment, an essay of 2500 words counting for 60% of the module, will involve a more rigorous evaluation of the texts; students will be expected to discuss a specific theme as it is explored in two or more novels. Alternatively, students may wish to write one 4,000 word essay, due at the end of term.

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Michael Szollosy

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