ELL354 : Advanced Phonetics

Convener(s): Dr Gareth Walker


General Information

Increasingly it is necessary for linguists to provide acoustic evidence in support of claims they make about spoken data. In this module you will undergo training in the use of specialist computer software to provide robust analyses of a range of different phonetic parameters. This will involve working with waveforms, spectrograms, spectra and pitch traces. This training will take the form of practical demonstrations and guided workshop exercises, supported by specially-constructed screencasts. These are linked to a series of lab-report style assessments. Most of the module will deal with recordings of English read speech, though it may be possible to include other sorts of data.


The whole class will meet for one two-hour session each week. These sessions will involve a mixture of demonstrations, in-class practical exercises, discussion, and skills training. These activities, along with your own independent reading and research and your work on the assessments for the module, fit together to make a coherent program of learning. One notable difference between ELL207 Phonetics and ELL354 Advanced Phonetics is that in this module you will spend much of the contact time engaged in doing analysis yourself. This is to help deepen your understanding of the subject material by putting various skills into practice, and to help you develop your skills in independent research.


                a series of exercise write-ups completed during the semester; these may include labelling a waveform, plotting formant values, estimating and comparing speakers' pitch ranges

                a longer write-up of an independent project using computer-based techniques to analyse phonetic details evident in one or more spoken passages

Contact Details

Dr Gareth Walker, 0114 2220238


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Please note: This module may or may not run in any individual session. Please check with the course convener.


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