ELL348 : Tudor English

Convenor(s): Malcolm Jones


Please note: This module may or may not run in any given semester. Please check with the tutor.

General Information

This course provides an introduction to the language and literature of the period 1485-1603, with the aim of encouraging students to explore Early Modern English as an expressive medium in the period when English was becoming established as a national language and English literature as the focus of nationalist pride.


There will be two sessions per week which will begin with a formal ‘factual’ introduction (historical, cultural, etc) to the work(s) in question, but then move on to more ‘communal’ study of a text. An occasional third session in which advice on individual projects will be given will be scheduled


There will be two assessments; an ‘edition’ and commentary of either the whole of a short, previously unedited text, or an agreed portion of a longer one (worth 75% of the overall mark), and commentaries on two or more passages from works studied in the course (25%). Guidance with preparing the edition and commentary will be given in the weekly lectures, in which other work will also feature, especially analysis of the ‘language’ texts from Cusack (1998). The two assessments will enable students to demonstrate their grasp of the subject and the other skills they have acquired during the course.

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