ELL339 : Later Modern English 1700-1945

Convenor(s): Prof Joan Beal


Please note: This module may or may not run in any given semester. Please check with the tutor.

General Information

The main theme of this module will be that it is in the Later Modern English period (from about 1700) that the English Language becomes recognisably 'modern' in the sense of 'like that of the present day'. The module will be sociohistorical in orientation, arguing that social changes in the Anglophone world need to be taken account of if we are to understand linguistic changes taking place in Later Modern English. Although much of the module will focus on changes in the syntax, phonology and vocabulary of Standard English, we shall also be considering attitudes to non-standard varieties of English in this period.


 There will be one lecture and one workshop per week for each student. Lectures will provide an introduction to each of the topics covered in the module. Workshops are designed to introduce students to the electronic resources available for the study of English in the Late Modern period, including the OED online, ECCO, and historical language corpora, and to provide them with the skills needed to complete the assignments. Two workshops will be devoted to team presentations and two workshop hours will be set aside for teams to work on their presentations.



There will be two assessments:

1. A team presentation (40%). Students may choose which of the two team presentations to submit for assessment. They should submit the power-point slides from the presentation (20%) and a written version of the presentation which includes an account of the student's individual contribution (20%).

2. A 3,000-word essay (60%). Students will be given a list of titles no later than week 6.

Contact Details

Prof Joan Beal, 0114 222 0196


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