ELL234 : A Sense of Place: Local and Regional Identity

Convener(s): Dr Chris Montgomery


General Information

This module takes an interdisciplinary approach to issues of regional and local identity in contemporary Britain. Classes will focus on different aspects of the ways in which language is involved in the creation, dissemination and commodification of regional and local identity. A number of different ways of thinking about and conceptualising place will be covered, including topics under the following headings: 'Changing places', 'Describing places', 'Identifying places', and 'Enregistering places'. This module has a project element, and students will work in teams with representatives of local organisations (cultural and heritage organisations, local businesses, charities, or museums) to solve real life problems.


The majority of the module will be taught in one block per week, which will comprise a variety of learning exercises. Typically, this block of teaching time will be run as a lecture/seminar class, and the emphasis will be on whole-class discussion, reflecting on how the various themes covered help to understand the ways in which language contributes to ideas of place. The lecture/seminar classes will be supported by fortnightly study hour sessions, during which external project work will be undertaken. All classes will be structured in order to facilitate reflective learning, which is a cornerstone of the module.

As part of the module, students will work with an external organisation to solve a real-world problem (examples of which from previous years include market research, producing materials for heritage organisations, creating documentary films, and working with oral history archives to produce public exhibits). This task, supported by external partners and module staff, will see students developing a number of skills and competencies which they will be encouraged to reflect on as part of their assessment.


The module has three assessments in total, as follows: Assessment 1: Personal reflective journal, filed fortnightly via MOLE (20%); Assessment 2: Project presentation; (30%) Assessment 3: Essay (50%)

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