ELL222 : Semantics

Convenor(s): Dr. Kook-Hee Gil


Please note: This module may or may not run in any given semester. Please check with the tutor.

General Information

This module is an introduction to the fundamental concepts, techniques and analytical tools of linguistic semantics. The course covers the basic areas of semantics, focusing on sentence meaning (as opposed to discourse meaning). Specifically the course introduces the notions of reference, sense, truth and truth conditions, sentential relations such as entailment, presupposition, etc. Basic formal techniques such as propositional and predicate logic are covered in detail. The course also includes topics that past students expressed their interests in such as tense and quantification.


The course follows a set textbook (Hurdford, Heasley and Smith 2007), together with a set of supplementary readings (book chapters). The module has two contact hours per week: • 1 hour lecture: Tutor-led, going through main theoretical concepts and their formal representations • 1 hour workshop: Student-led. Students work in groups to discuss their prepared answers to assigned workshop exercises, while raising individual questions to the tutor. The groups come together to discuss their answers with the tutor.


• Take Home Exam (30%) • Formal Exam (70%)

Contact Details

Dr. Kook-Hee Gil, 0114 222 0229


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