EGH207 : Writing the Real

Convener(s): Dr Joe Bray


Please note: This module may or may not run in any given semester. Please check with the tutor.

General Information

This module explores the often problematic relationship between literature and 'the real world', using a range of stylistic approaches. We will consider why 'realism' is such a difficult term to get to grips with; why describing a fictional or dramatic text as 'realistic' can be a very politically charged act; how ideas of 'the real' have changed over time; and what effects the inclusion of 'real' materials into fictional works may have. We will explore 'the real' in a wide range of prose and drama texts, including works by George Eliot and Kurt Vonnegut.


Lectures, Seminars, Independent Study


A stylistic analysis of a passage of fictional prose of 1,500 words (30%), followed by a final essay of 2,500 words (70%) on a text of your choice (which can be either prose or drama).

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Please note: This module may or may not run in any individual session. Please check with the course convener.


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